Aug 9, 2010

Lady in Blue

As previously mentioned, I recently downloaded the new Photoshop CS5 trial version, so I've been testing out it's awesomeness (and yes, it is quite awesome).  I had this really moody, blue-lit picture that I'd been wanting to do something with, so I decided to draw it and then color it in CS5.  I've done things like this before with charcoal, but I went with a Tuscan Red Col-Erase pencil this time around.  Much more line work and pencil mileage.  Then I scanned it and added color in Photoshop, sampling from the original photo.  I also saved progressive versions of the file, so I figured I'd post a few of them to show my "process".  Below are the results, from pencil to flat color to adding in shading, then highlights.  In the final version, you can see how I brought down the pencil lines to bring focus to the eye.  Of course I only now notice all the anatomical errors (the biggest of which is the fact that her left arm is too far away from the rest of her body, making her shoulders seem broad and hips thin), but this was mainly a color/lighting project, anyway.  I hope to do some more lighting illustrations with this process in the future.

Aug 4, 2010

Photoshop Self-Portrait

Was just goofing around with Photoshop, trying out a new painting technique.  Thought I'd do a self-portrait.  I'm thinking this would make a better Halloween costume, though...

Fuzzy Fury Rescue Friends

Just realized that I never posted these sketches from the "Fuzzy Fury Rescue Friends" series I was working on.  Again, I'm going forward with "Retailiation", but this is my backup plan.
As you can see, the characters are all animals.  There's a generic body type and certain animal characteristics are applied to it to create each character.  Plenty of fun lands and stories are a brewin' in the ol' noggin...