Oct 26, 2008

The Set Piece

I finally created the main "Set Piece" for Deer in the Headlights: A Lightning Bug Story. I'll be using this illustration for the opening shot, the web site page, and probably a few other places. It was done using Pastels in Corel Painter, then I brought it into Photoshop for a few touch-ups. Of course, it was created on my Cintiq. Oh, Cintiq. How did I ever live without you? ...I suppose I just used my smaller Wacom tablet. Anywho, here's the illustration:

The Sunday Sketches

What a drawing-filled weekend I've had! I did some more sketches on colored paper today. Also did a few charcoal drawings again. Check 'em out...

Oct 25, 2008

The Saturday Sketches

Had to take a break from the storyboarding today and just do some sketching. I bought myself a neat little sketchbook with colored paper, so I did a few sketches in that, playing with some highlights:

And then I did another one of my new fav sketch/brush pen ink/Photoshop color illustration type dealies:

Oct 15, 2008

Quotable Glen

''I have this philosophy that the character exists before you design it. When I start to draw, it starts to reveal itself to me. But it's like I have to be touching the paper to get to it, to liberate it. That's just the way I'm built. As that graphite's breaking off the pencil, it feels like my imagination's being freed.''
-Glen Keane

Oct 13, 2008

Quotable Quote 2

"A positive thinker does not refuse to recognize the negative; he refuses to dwell on it."
-Anna Quindlen