Aug 28, 2013

The Light Thief Storyboards

Not too long ago, I was approached by USC student Graham Oyoung (whom I had previously done some freelance storyboard work for) about helping out on a project he was working on entitled The Light Thief.  Apparently the team had worked with a couple of other board artist on the project, but they just couldn't quite get the third act to work how they envisioned it.

That's where I came in with this:

Yep.  And they liked it, too.  So much so, in fact, that they asked me to go back to the start and give 'em my interpretation of the whole dang thing!  Unfortunately, I was a bit bogged down with Disney Mobile freelance work (more on that soon, once I can post it) at the time, so I could only do a rough thumbnail pass:

Still, it was a fun project.  Always good to try new things!

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