Oct 27, 2011

Clothed Figure 3 - Weeks 8 & 9

Two more weeks of Clothed Figure 3 with Mr. Timothy Gula.  I am definitely starting to get it!  Which is awesome.  Unfortunately, that also means he's no longer drawing samples for me, so no new amazing works of art to add to my Gula Gallery ("Gulery"?).

Oct 25, 2011

Advanced Perspective - Week 7

This week, the theme was Egypt.  So my three illustrations this week create a small story about two old, misinformed American tourists and their native tour guide/reluctant accomplice.

Oct 19, 2011

Advanced Perspective - Week 6

This week was a make-up/catch-up week for my class, since many people have been falling behind and complaining about not having enough time.  Guess they've all been too busy playing whatever video game just came out.  Undergrads...

At any rate, I redid one of my Geisha-themed illustrations that I didn't think turned out right and changed up two other illustrations a bit, giving them a smidgen more of love.  They look better, but I still don't really care much about anything that I've created in this class.  Two more themed weeks and we get to work on our own stories for the rest of the semester. Which means I'll finally have some time for my Thesis!  Yes!

Oct 14, 2011

Clothed Figure 3 - Weeks 3-7

Five weeks worth of figure drawing.  Can you see the progress?  It's subtle, but I think it's there.

And, of course, here's five weeks of Mr. Timothy Gula adding to my private collection of his work.
© 2011 Timothy Gula.

Oct 11, 2011

Advanced Perspective - Week 5

This week's theme was Greek.  I was unfortunately rushed quite a bit this week for various reasons, not the least of which was finishing my parent's anniversary gift and also spending four days flying to and attending their surprise party.  I still managed to turn some stuff out, though.  The first illustration is one of the classic Trojan Horse, while the second celebrates the glory that was television's Hercules and Xena.

Hercules, Xena, and related characters © MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I took a break from my regularly scheduled homework (or rather, stopped sleeping in order to create more time) to do a special little something to celebrate my parent's 30th wedding anniversary.  The project was coordinated by my sister, Tiffanie, who also planned a well-executed surprise anniversary dinner complete with plenty of neighbors, friends, family, and ME (the biggest surprise of all, since I haven't been home since January and am currently in classes).  Fun was had by all and my parents were completely surprised!

The idea behind this illustration (which was inspired by the art prints at Your Memory Lane, though highly improved upon) was to create a collection of various buildings, landmarks, icons, logos, cars, etc. that gather from and represent my parents' 30 years of marriage.  I created each person, place, and thing (even the logos) with a textured brush in Photoshop.  It was then printed (at FedEx Office, who robbed it of it's vibrancy) and framed for all to see and enjoy.  Now, for the first time ever, you can experience it in it's original RGB full-color glory!
(And, of course, I had to thumbnail it out, first.  Force of habit.)

Oct 3, 2011

Digital Storyboarding - Frankenstein Boards

This week was our last week with Jeff Snow (go follow his blog, if you don't already!), so the final boards from our sequence of Frankenstein were due (-ish, apparently).  We all had to get up and pitch them to the class, which lead to two interesting things: 1.) I was the only one in the class to have actually finished my boards (after three weeks, a lot of people--it's an undergrad class--still hadn't even finished roughing out the entire sequence!) and 2.) Jeff said my pitch was "too verbose".  That is the first time in my entire life that I have been informed that I talked too much!  Shocking!  He was, of course, just reminding me to let the drawings do the talking.  Which apparently they did pretty well.  He said they were "very strong" and seemed pleased with the results.  I am too, in some ways, but I feel there's plenty of room for improvement with whatever Louie del Carmen brings us next week.  Game on, DreamWorks-story-artists-turned-Academy-of-Art-instructors!

Frankenstein Boards

Advanced Perspective - Week 4

© Disney/Pixar
Howdy, partner!  Western was the theme this week.  Yeehaw!  Of course, we also had to demonstrate "looking down".  There's a snake in my boot!  I decided to try a pencil line/digital color illustration in the style of Peter de Sève (which didn't work so great with the smaller characters) and also figured this would be a rare opportunity to create a bit of Toy Story fan art.  Ride like the wind, Bullseye!  Mixed results, as always, but life does go on.

Toy Story Characters © Disney/Pixar 
Somebody's poisoned the water hole!

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