Oct 1, 2010

Color Theory Class

Been a bit busy between homework & work, so the blog postings have been sparse.  I shall do my best to post stuff from my classes as I finish projects.  First up to bat: Color Theory.

My Color Theory class is lead by the brilliant instructor Cameron Wasson.  It is, believe it or not, currently my favorite class.  Such an intense class (read: lots of working in-class and lots of homework hours), but I have already gained so much knowledge that I can use forever (...or at least until I pay people to do this kind of stuff for me).  Gouache paint costs way too much money, though, so that's a real downside.  Plus, I also seem to be buying a bunch of things that I don't foresee myself ever using again in other classes.  Still, can you put a price on knowledge?  The Academy seems to think so.  And it's pretty high.  Also, Cameron is not only a great instructor/teacher, but she has THE BEST anecdotes!  It's a real treat just to watch her formulate them on-the-fly.  Most importantly, she clearly has a real love/passion for what she does, and I think I respect that more than anything else and can certainly get behind it.

At any rate, our first project is to be turned in this week and I thought I'd share my interpretation of it here.  Using the Golden Rectangle, we had to create a 9-value design, then colorize it.  Below are exploratory marker sketches, the B&W painting, and the color version, done in gouache paint.

On a related side-note, Mark Kennedy (awesome Disney story artist) has been doing his own color theorizing in his free time and posts a few great thoughts on color over at his Temple of the Seven Golden Camels blog.  It's worth a read.

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