Nov 12, 2013

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Storyboards

I have been very fortunate this year to spend a good chunk of my time working on a few freelance projects for Disney Mobile out of Palo Alto, CA.  The team there is incredible in terms of creativity, generosity, and gaming excellence.  I was honored to work with them on their projects.

One of the projects I briefly worked on was this one:
You may be familiar with the Star Wars?  Perhaps even Tiny Tower?  Well, mix them together and you get Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, now available to own in the Apple App Store!  FOR FREE!!  I got to help board out the opening title sequence for the game, which (being Star Wars) starts with the famous line, the bold logo, and the infamous scroll.  Heaven!  Of course, now that the game has been released, I was informed that my opening sequence was actually completely dropped.  So...enjoy my boards, and just pretend that they're actually for something that exists!

It was fun to simplify my style to better match the pixelated versions of the characters that would be used.  One childhood fantasy checked off my list.  On to the next ones...

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