Jan 8, 2011

Me? A comic book artist?!?

Back in high school, when all I knew was that I liked to draw, I had no idea where I wanted to go to college.  I was an avid comic book reader from the awesome decade that was the 1990's, so I figured comics were a great place to head.  Somewhere online, I must've found a spec-script for a six-page Spider-Man story and decided to draw out the pages to test my comic book skills.  Now, I had my own comic series going with my old best friend from Missouri when I was in middle school--and it was quite the hit among the relatives we would mail copies to--but I hadn't attempted anything on any professional level.  Sure, I had my ├╝ber cool Stickman comic strips that I had been drawing since 1997, and all my classmates and teachers enjoyed those, but an actual comic book is way different from cartoony doodles on a piece of loose leaf, ruled paper!

Anywayz, I was cleaning-up some of my digital workspace and came across my scans of these six Spider-Man pages that I had drawn oh so long ago.  Without further ado, I present to you the reason that I am in Animation and not comic books:
To briefly conclude the story, when looking for colleges, I discovered that the fancy term for comic books is "Sequential Art".  Which lead me to SCAD.  Which--after a trip down to Savannah left a far too fishy smell in my nose...literally--lead me to animation and storyboarding at the Art Institute of Atlanta.  And storyboarding is really just cinematic comic book making, when you think about it.  I guess I wasn't totally clueless in high school.

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