Sep 27, 2009

Don't Turn Your Back on Taylor Swift

So, I was working on some homework where I had to draw five clothed, full-figure females. Naturally, I gathered my Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift photo collection and started drawing. These were done on 18 x 24" newsprint with compressed charcoal:
I know...this page is right from my dreams. I thought the Taylor drawing (right) turned out rather well, so I decided to color it in using Photoshop:
That was sure fun, but now I have to get back to my "actual" schoolwork. *sigh.*

Sep 17, 2009

Clothed Figure Drawing - Week 2

Week 2 of my Clothed Figure Drawing class. I switched back to what may be my favorite figure drawing medium: conte. Used both black and the brown/umber color. Really cool model this week with a western theme. Good week, I think...

Clothed Figure Drawing - Week 1

Here are the first week's drawings from my ILL 610 - Clothed Figure Drawing class. Let me say that this is the single worst model I have ever had. Breaking a pose due to your body giving out is one thing, but breaking it to change the song on your iPod? Not cool. Also, I tried using compressed charcoal, which is apparently not my best medium--hard for me to keep things light...

Long Time, No Post

It's been a long while since I've posted anything here. I am now [pretty much] settled in here at the Academy of Art University in lovely San Francisco, California. Classes have started and are going well. I'll do my best to post as much of my school work as I can. I'm in three traditional drawing classes, so I shouldn't be short on work to display.

Here's a drawing of Charles Lindbergh:

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