Dec 23, 2007

The Walla Boys:Beginnings

I've been hard at work lately on my portfolio, but I woke up one morning with this great concept for a video game/cartoon. I've been working on some of the development over the holidays, and here's a first glimpse of what I think will be the main character in The Walla Boys!

Dec 6, 2007

The Icon Drawings

Whenever I put together a new portfolio to send out, I collect all my stories and pick the cream of the crop. I then create "Icon Drawings" for these select stories and use these Icons for "branding" that story within my portfolio. I'll use these drawings on my website, in print, and wherever else I need them. Here's the original sketches for two of my recent Icon Drawings, Gill's Fishy Tale and Lil' Drac. Be sure to check out to view more of these characters, including full Animatics for each!

The First Post: Author's Intent

This is my first ever Blog, so . . .here goes nothin'!

In my mind, this Blog acts as the "sister site" to my online portfolio site, Please give that site a gander when you get a chance. I'm hoping to post sketches, story ideas, and sources of personal inspiration on this Blog. Obviously, it will be updated more frequently than my actual website.

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