Sep 27, 2011

Advanced Perspective - Week 3

Noah's Ark was the theme this week.  One week is not nearly enough time to research and craft two illustrations that also follow the week's perspective rule while also trying out new styles.  Kept it all digital this week, but I still tried to try something new with my rendering techniques.

Onward to next week...

Sep 19, 2011

Advanced Perspective - Week 2

Theme this week was "geisha".  I have absolutely no knowledge of what a geisha is/does.  Haven't even seen Memoirs of a Geisha.  So I just checked Wikipedia and Google Images and came up with a couple of things.  Hopefully they make sense.  If not...oh well.

I've decided that I'm really going to try to test my artistic skills with this class, since the instructor has declared "open media" for the assignments.  Last week, I went all digital using Sketchbook Pro.  This week, I started traditionally with pencil and brush pen/ink wash, then scanned and colored digitally in Photoshop.  I'm also going to try different styles in terms of character design and such.  Hopefully, I'll wind up with a nice variety of work for my portfolio.

Sep 17, 2011

Digital Storyboarding - Frankenstein Roughs

My Digital Storyboarding class with Jeff Snow has really kicked into high gear!  He gave us a copy of the script for Frankenstein (the 1994 version) and let us choose between two sequences to board from.  I chose the sequence where The Creature stumbles upon a peasant dwelling.  We also get to use the Official DreamWorks Templates that they 4 realz use at the studio!! :^D

First, as always, is designing the characters.  I was originally going to go with a more realistic approach, but then realized the amount of time it would take to draw that I then switched over to a more cartoony approach.  I kept the Twilight-inspired flock of dark hair, though.  I also had to map out the environment, so I created a quick "blue print" for the layout of the peasant's dwelling.  All based on research, of course!
I got to pitch my boards this morning in front of class (or at least to those who were actually there), and it went over quite well.  Jeff pointed out some areas to add reaction shots and where I needed some extra hook-up drawings.  Overall, he said he liked the quality of my roughs, which was quite the moment of validation.  Next step is to make the recommended changes and clean-up the boards.  But first, enjoy the sequence thus far:
Frankenstein Roughs

Sep 13, 2011

Clothed Figure 3 - Week 2

Another week of drawing the clothed figure with Mr. Timothy Gula.  We drew a few heads; here's one he drew for me:
© 2011 Timothy Gula.
They were drawn in 10 minute poses, so we were just capturing the essence and gesture, not making a likeness.  I turned out a lot of crappy drawings during this class period, but then--towards the end of class--I think I finally started to start to comprehend his method of drawing.  Well, my drawings started to look halfway decent, anyway. :^\  More to learn...
[*note Mr. Gula's redraw of the arm in the inset]

Sep 11, 2011

Advanced Perspective - Week 1

And for the last of my three new Fall Semester classes I have Advanced Perspective for Illustration, Film, & Games.  This class is being taught by Brandon Luyen, who has worked in the Game Industry for some time.  This is set to be an interesting, informative, and homework-ridden class.

Week one found us learning about pushing the depth of a picture by aligning different parts of a character thru the horizon line, specifically thru the head, torso, and lower leg.  Our homework was to demonstrate these principals via a samurai theme.  I chose to tell the story of three kids playing samurai.  Two of the boys have to make their own outfits, while one boy borrows his dad's actual costume.  My results are as follows:

Drawings were done digitally in Sketchbook Pro; value and layout done in Photoshop.

Sep 4, 2011

Digital Storyboarding - Week 1

My next class is the one I am most excited about: Digital Storyboarding for Feature Animation.  This class is being taught by three DreamWorks Story Artists--Jeff Snow, Louie del Carmen, and Rad Sechrist--who each get to teach the course for 5 weeks (in that order).  Very exciting!!

The first class was a lot of introducing ourselves (boring), but Jeff Snow showed us some of the amazing stuff he's been working on, including some great Marvel storyboards with Spiderman and Iron Man.  We're talking sworn to secrecy, classified, this gets out and I have to kill you kinds of stuff here, folks.  Mr. Snow has been working in the industry for 20 years, 15 of which have been at DreamWorks.  He is also in charge of the DreamWorks Story Initiative program.

Our first homework assignment was to create a single image that tells the story of "The Letter".  Lots of options for interpretation, but I settled on this one:
The Letter
Drawn digitally using SketchbookPro.

Sep 3, 2011

Clothed Figure 3 - Week 1

The Fall 2011 semester arriveth!  Three brand new classes, all of which should be awesome (and hopefully light on homework so I can continue to work on my thesis project)!

My first class was Clothed Figure 3, which is being taught by Timothy Gula, a non-faculty member that they are apparently flying in from Santa Monica (or San-Somewhere) just to teach the class!  Pretty cool!  Chuck Pyle (Illustration Director) did an introduction for Mr. Gula, singing his praises and pointing out that he would be teaching a non-Barbara Bradley method of figure drawing!  Ooooohhhhh.  Old habits die hard, though, as I soon learned.  Mr. Gula has done a lot of comic book work during the 90's (such as Judge Dredd), as well as some action figure design, some cartoon work, and plenty of other things.  He was also very open about his methods and very personal as an instructor.  In fact, in addition to regular group demonstrations of how he works and uses his tools, he went around to each of us throughout the evening and would draw out a pose on our drawing pads.  Very neat to be inspired by and learn from.  Here are the two he drew in mine:

As I said, though, old habits die hard.  Trying to drop what I've been so used to doing for two years here at the Academy and adopt his new method--as well as having taken the summer off--lead to some not-so-great life drawings this week.
Progress to be made!  I look forward to the challenge. :^)

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