Mar 14, 2018

Smurfs Storyboard-to-Final-Film Comparison

As a Storyboard Artist, I'm often at a loss to explain what exactly my job is to the people who ask. When you tell someone that you're an artist in "Animation", they assume you're an actual animator and that your drawings are what appear when they watch a movie you've worked on. It's difficult to explain to them that, before the final image is produced, years and years of development artwork is created to help shape that image they see on the screen. Storyboarding is the first step from going from the written word to the final image, but the final film never shows a single bit of the work a story artist does.

In hoping that a picture is worth a thousand words, and to give a brief glimpse into the process, I present a side-by-side comparison of my own storyboards to the final animation from the feature film Smurfs: The Lost Village.

[*Note that this clip has been reframed from the actual final piece of film.]

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