Dec 17, 2011

Digital Storyboarding - Pink Story

The lack of posts from my Digital Storyboarding class was due to the fact that our last two DreamWorks instructors (Louie del Carmen and Rad Sechrist) combined efforts and had us work on one story for the last 10 weeks of class.  Louie started us off with thumbnails and a rough pass, while Rad finished things up until a final pass was ready to pitch.  Lots of great notes, information, and insight shared from these guys, some of which I will try to post during the coming weeks.

At any rate, here's the final boards that I pitched to Rad.  My story follows a grandfather who doesn't want his grandson to wear pink but needs to realize that clothes don't make the man.
Pink - Final Storyboards
And here are the rough storyboards that I had pitched to Louie:
Pink - Rough Storyboards
I also had to do a little character design, so here are some of the various digital character sketches I created for the project.  Lots of influence from Colin Jack on these.

Dec 14, 2011

Clothed Figure 3 - Weeks 12, 13, 14, & 15

I fell behind in posting these each week, so here are the final four weeks of my Clothed Figure 3 class:

As always, I feel the need to stand on a mountaintop and point out that the instructor was Timothy Gula, whom I cannot speak highly enough about.  I have truly learned so, so much from Mr. Gula and feel I was quite privileged to be in his class.  The old saying is that those who can't, teach, but every once in a while you find the rare specimen who can actually do both and do them well.  And with that, I present the final additions to my Gullery™, the "cherry on top" of which is an original Gula-style doodle ("Gudle"?) given to me to always inspire:
© 2011 Timothy Gula.
© 2011 Timothy Gula.
© 2011 Timothy Gula.

Advanced Perspective - Final

The last five weeks of my Advanced Perspective class were spent working on our final project, which was basically visual development of a story of our choosing.  The final presentation need to include: 3 characters, 1 environment design, 90 thumbnails, and 5 compositions.  This was great news for me, as I hadn't been able to work on my thesis project at all this busy semester.  Jumping back in where I left off, I continued working on Fuzzy Fury Rescue Friends!  I'm pretty pleased with the progress I've finally made on this story over the past several weeks.  The characters are much farther along and just about where I want/need them to be, the world is now fleshed out, and (perhaps most importantly) the sequence I'm boarding is finally starting to come together and seem like it's going to work!!  Here are the final presentation boards as I presented them last night to my class:

As I've often mentioned, the class was instructed by Brandon Luyen and was quite enjoyable.  Be sure to check out his blog, as he was photographing everyone's final work and posted it for all to enjoy.  There's some real talent in that class.

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