Jan 7, 2017

Ever feel stuck...?

Sorry for the delay in new posts.

I got an Apple Pencil for Christmas this year to go along with the iPad Pro from last year.  Tried out the Procreate app.  Pretty cool results, though I still have much to learn.  The drawing above (based on a sketch from years ago) was roughed out in pencil on paper, then inked, then photographed and colored digitally.

Happy New Year!

Nov 21, 2016

Smurfs: The Lost Village - Official Trailer

Wow. Very long time since I've posted anything. In large part, that was due to a little movie I worked on for two and a half years called Smurfs: The Lost Village. Today, they released the first official trailer:

I'm very excited and pleased for everyone to finally be seeing some of what we've all worked on for so long. Some of my shots are even used in the trailer!

I'll be sure to post some storyboards and stories after the movie's release on April 7, 2017. Be sure to check it out!

Dec 19, 2015

Star Wars : The Force Awakens : Episode Cute

What a sorry year for posts on this blog!  Since my first post was Star Wars-based, it seems only fitting (and more so timely) that my last post is about the new movie, Star Wars: Episode VII : The Force Awakens!
If you haven't seen the movie, yet, I cannot recommend it enough.  Regardless of the politics of anything in the Star Wars franchise (old trilogy versus new, new director drama, etc.), it's just a really fun, enjoyable movie.  I left feeling I got more than my money's worth.

Some behind the scenes stuff: As always, I have to start with some sketches.
This was especially important, since I'm not familiar with these characters.  In fact, I hadn't seen the film when I drew this, so I wasn't even sure who the main characters were, secondary, et cetera.  Research is important, folks! Then I figured out a composition, reminiscent of my earlier Star Wars post.
All done digitally in Photoshop.  Made some changes to it:
And then started cleaning it all up:
Each character was drawn on a different layer so I could tweak the layout as needed.

Everything was done on the fly for this one, with little pre-planning.  All drawn in one day, from sketch to final.  Just a passion project to let off some steam after a long time drawing Smurfs for work.  You may notice that I removed General Hux because he ultimately looked like a character just floating in the background.  I was going to add some new Stormtroopers in his place, but it got to be a bit top-heavy.

Hopefully you enjoy it, and May the Force be With You!

See you in 2016!

Feb 5, 2015

Star Wars!!!

Wait a minute...I've never posted any Star Wars drawings?!?  No no no...time to remedy that.
Pew pew pew!!  It all started with some sketches, first from memory...
 And then based on research...
Not too bad; I wasn't completely off.  And then all of the following occurred...

And now this blog has some Star Wars drawings on it.

...oh wait.  It already did, here.  Oh well.  Disregard this post.

Aug 30, 2014

NERDy Sketches

I've been doing a lot of sketching over the past year of my NERD characters, first developed in college.  They have definitely evolved.  Gearing up to develop the world more and start telling some stories with these guys in the near future.

...time permitting, of course.

Here is a large collection of some of those sketches, from March to present:

More soon!

Aug 20, 2014

Teaching a Boy to Fish...

My uncle recently passed away, and as I was reflecting upon my time with him, one of the memories that stuck out was the time he helped me catch my first fish.  It was a catfish, and I still can remember him scaling it and cooking it up for my dinner that night.  It's a cherished memory that inspired this illustration:

 Here are some progress images to show you how it all came together.
Initial thumbnail (originally done on a scrap of paper, then digitally redrawn in Photoshop)

Color palette chosen; drawing refined.

Rethinking acting of the adult character and details on boy.

More rethinking.  Also adjusting the composition and size of boy.

Final pose on adult; recomposing the scale of the figures and the dock to more realistic proportions.

Finding photo reference.

Applying photo reference to drawing and locking in color.

Adding color detail and reworking sky background to better balance composition.

It's always a good idea to check your illustration as a black and white image to make sure the composition is leading the eye and your colors aren't muddying-up your illustration.