Dec 24, 2009

The Best of 2009: Drawing From the Imagination

Mostly due to laziness, I didn't end up posting all my drawings after each week's classes as I intended to do. Therefore, I've assembled the best drawings I created over my Fall 2009 Semester at the Academy of Art University and will be posting them by class.

First up, Drawing From the Imagination. This class was an Illustration class, largely about proper use of perspective and anatomy when drawing your own creations from your imagination (hence the name). I can truly say that I learned a lot from this class, but I don't think any of my artwork was that great. Lots of flaws and just a general lack of passion. So, the only think I'll be posting from that class is the final project. We had to illustrate a scene from Beauty and the Beast (the scene where Beast asks Beauty if she could ever love a hideous beast) and show all the things we learned from the class (perspective, reflection, plotted lighting, etc.). My initial concept art, I feel, turned out much better than the final piece. As I get older, I find myself drawn to more organic and fluid art than the tight, precise art that used to be my trademark...but maybe I'm just getting worse at what I do. Either way, here's the final piece:

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