Jun 27, 2010

Tentatively Titled: Rainforest Roomies

As I overindulge in revisiting my favorite childhood cartoons, I started thinking (inevitably) about my own body of work and what I could do next.  I started thinking--perhaps dangerously--about what hasn't been done yet, and I realized that we really haven't had an animal-centric show located in the rainforest about a resort/spa run by said rainforest animals!  So, I decided to make one.  Still doing animal research--there are so many to choose from!--but I'm liking the capybara and the tapir as two early front-runners for main characters.  Also doing some "location scouting".  Below are some early, quick animal sketches as I do my research.  I've also begun to develop the capybara character, which I see as being a John Candy type--lovable, but slow.  More to follow..

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