Mar 14, 2011

Inspiration: Aurore Damant Edition

This week's Character Design homework was the last one where we had to copy the style of an established artist.  While Mr. Buffington gave us free reign with our artist choice, I decided to head deeper down the cartoony rabbit hole and went with Aurore Damant.  Aurore lives in Paris and works as an illustrator and character designer (she worked on Amy Poehler's "The Mighty B!" series).  Very cartoony designs.  I was so inspired by her illustration work that I went all out with my three full figure drawings and colored them in Photoshop!  I think they turned out alright.
The previous week's artist was Colin Jack.  I really enjoyed his sketchy approach to rendering.  Apparently he actually does all his digital work in Sketchbook Pro, which is a program I recently purchased through the Mac App Store AND LOVE!  I didn't have the time, though, to really explore his style like I would've liked to.  Regardless, here are a few pieces from last week:

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