Jul 2, 2012

RETAILiation - Final Storyboards

A little over a year ago, I began work on my thesis at the Academy of Art University.  As a student focusing on Storyboarding, my thesis had to consist of three different storyboarded sequences.

I developed an epic opus about animals in a Garden of Eden-type setting where the food chain first begins that was watered down to become the award-winning Fuzzy, Fury Rescue Friends.

I played around with the idea of throwing Mr. Bean into the world of James Bond and created The Briefcase Briefing.

But last summer, I began working on my television series concept revolving around three college-aged characters stuck in a retail job that don't know where to go next with their life.  While I have previously posted the character designs and initial storyboards I created back then, this summer things have come full circle, and I am pleased to announce that RETAILiation is finally finished, thus ending my thesis work!  :^)

Please enjoy the final storyboards and character design sheets:
RETAILiation Storyboards

Of course, there are still several things to do before my final review, but the hard part is now finished.  I look forward to closing this chapter of my life and beginning the next one.  Methinks it just may be the best yet!  I hope you'll stay tuned...

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