Mar 23, 2010


This week is Spring Break here at the Academy of Art University, so I ventured down south a tad to Anaheim, California to visit one of my favorite places: Disneyland!  One day's never enough to take in both parks, but here are some of the pictures I took during my abbreviated stay (the ones that didn't turn out blurry--I don't like my camera):
So many amazing things to see there, of course, but I think the coolest addition they have at the moment is the Toy Story Zoetrope.  There's a circle of various levels of your favorite Toy Story characters all sculpted to perfection (through advanced computer technology straight from the Pixar source).  Each character's mold changes slightly as it goes around the circle, like animation.  They then spin the circle very fast, so all you can see of the characters is a blur.  Then, BAM!, they turn on the strobe lights and, thanks to persistence of vision and such, the characters come to life before your very eyes!
My video of it didn't turn out so great (again, stupid camera), but here's a [YouTube video] of it that gives you the idea. Obviously, because of the strobe and the camera's shutter speed, it's a bit choppy.  The actual product is quite the site to behold!

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