Mar 15, 2010

Jack & the Beanstalk - Character Expressions & Composition

Two things this week, as we approach midterms and spring break.  First, we had to take our character (in this case, Jack) and develop six facial expressions for them.  Below are some of my initial sketches (top) and then the final renderings of the six I chose:
Did they turn out how I wanted them to?  Not really.  I think there's some issues with the facial proportions, mostly in terms of the eye size.  I will be reworking them when I get the chance.  Part two of our homework for the week was to pick one of the four value studies we had done a few weeks back and to make a full-sized (13" x 7") composition drawing.  We will next add value to this drawing and then color it.  Let the fun begin...

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