Mar 13, 2012

Fuzzy Fury Rescue Friends: The Storyboards


After really working out the story since the start of this semester (and an intense 3-day push at the end to finalize the boards), the storyboard sequence for my Fuzzy Fury Rescue Friends: The Great Unicorn Rescue thesis story is finally complete!  And boy, are my arms tired!  89 shots; 229 boards total.  (I was only required to have 30-40...oops)

I was able to end last semester with a lot of momentum with the Rescue Friends, so it really feels like it's been quite the journey to completion.  Are there things that could be better?  Of course.  But, to paraphrase Pixar, storyboards are never finished, they're just released.  On to the next thesis project!
Fuzzy Fury Rescue Friends - Final Boards
I hope you enjoy my labor of love (labour, if you're British)!  Please let me know what you think!! :^)

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